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You Can Help!

There are many ways you can help us fulfil our mission. The first thing to do is join SARF. Please print our membership form and send it in with your tax-deductable membership dues, or you can send money via PayPal or use a credit card:
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Become a Volunteer

We need volunteers for a wide variety of activities, so come help us in whatever area suits your interests and skills! SARF volunteers have found many ways to contribute their time and effort. The first step to being a volunteer is to become a member. Fill out our online Volunteer Form or print and send in Printable Volunteer Form or fax it to 828-246-9051. We will contact you and put you to work! Here are some of the activities currently underway and related volunteer opportunities:

Youth Program - Kids and Teens (ages 8-18) Sarge volunteers need to be 18 years or older to handle animals, but we have plenty of other things that can be done by younger volunteers! If you love animals and want to help, here's your chance! Fill out our Youth Volunteer Application we will contact you.

Breed Rescue - Volunteers look for purebred dogs at the Haywood County Animal Shelter, and coordinate rescue of these animals through approved Breed Rescue Groups. Some of these pets need to be fostered for a short time before they are transported.
Volunteer Opportunities
  1. Short Term Fosters - This could be anywhere from one day to a week.
  2. Transport - Drive dog or cat to rescue group or to meet another driver.

"Dixie Dogs" Rescue - Dogs from the HCAC Facility are rescued, fostered and or boarded until a transport is organized to a no-kill shelter in the northeast. Many lives are saved by this group.
Volunteer Opportunities
  1. Short Term Fosters - This could be anywhere from a few days to several weeks.
  2. Pick up animals at kennel, shelter or foster home to get to animal hospital for their health check with vet.
  3. Help "dog sit" at the health checks on day of transport.
  4. Load all dogs in crates for transport.
  5. Stay at shelter with dogs, walk and change dirty paper in crates until van leaves for the NE.
  6. Drivers needed!!!

Foster Care Program: - Sarge's Foster Program takes adoptable animals from the HCAC Shelter into our homes, caring for them, socializing and training them to be wonderful pets for an appropriate home. Many dogs and cats have found loving homes through this program.
Volunteer Opportunities
  1. Foster cats or dogs in your home. Sarge will pay for all the expenses of vetting and help with the food. It is extremely gratifying to help an animal get on its feet and then see it off to a permanent, loving home. You can apply online here: Foster Application. You can also print, fill out and send in this Printable Foster Application form, or fax it to 1-267-295-8730.
  2. Visit and approve or disapprove homes for fostering of the animals. Training is provided and a check list is used to evaluate homes.
  3. Qualified volunteers may help with medical procedures on foster animals.

Adoption Program: - Helping the foster animals find the loving home they deserve.
Volunteer Opportunities
  1. Set up pens and cages for adoption days
  2. Be at adoption days and greet people and give out information.
  3. Help at the paperwork table.
  4. Foster person plus one other person to do home visits to ensure that adoptive homes are appropriate for the pet. Training is provided and a check list is used to evaluate homes.
  5. Clean up after adoptions: sweep floor, mop with bleach and water and straighten up the room. Take out trash.

Fundraising: - This committee functions to raise money for operational costs and capital funds of the adoption center.
Volunteer Opportunities
  1. Soliciting funds, gifts, prizes and sponsorships
  2. Stuffing envelopes for mailings
  3. Events: Selling chances, event tickets, discount tickets, non alcoholic drinks.
  4. Creating gift baskets for awards
  5. Organizing an event: golf tournament, pet photo contests, black tie event and any new ideas that you may have.
  6. Donation jar placement and pick up at the end of each month.
  7. Placing and removing posters.
  8. Attending events, promoting sales of items that will earn Sarge's a donation.
  9. Recruit new memberships at all Sarge events.
  10. Gift wrapping at Christmas

Shelter Photography Program - Photos of all the animals that come into to shelter are taken and posted to the internet. This is the only publicity these animals receive. This volunteer job is very important to these shelter animals.
Volunteer Opportunities
  1. You will be giving about 3 hours of your time each week or every other week. The time will be spent about 1.5 hours taking pictures and 1.5 hours at home posting pictures to the internet. We need volunteers all 7 days of the week for this job, so we can work with any schedule.
  2. Requirements: Your own digital camera, your own home computer with high speed internet access, a comfortable understanding of the internet, the desire to work in the shelter and a love of cats and dogs.

Shelter Assistant- Sarge volunteers help the HCAC shelter staff, allowing the shelter to stay open additional hours. Volunteers help prospective adopters find suitable pets, take dogs out into the yard for exercise, make sure cages are clean, and help socialize dogs and cats.